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Tenant FAQs

Does control of the process mean that I have to do all the work?

Why should I control the process?

Can I still use a broker if I still need their guidance?

Why did the founders believe this process could be completed?

What information is required of my company to complete the TenantWise process?

How tricky is negotiating a lease?

Does Control of The Process Mean I Have To Do All The Work?

By using TenantWise you will do the same amount of work that you would have to do using a traditional broker, you will just be smarter. And the transaction will be quicker. TenantWise has all of the information you need and has immediate answers to any question you may have through our on-line interface. No more waiting for return phone calls or trying to make decisions with incomplete information.

Why Should I Control The Process?

Makes Your Life Easier: In many instances, a broker's time schedule does not mesh with your own and scheduling showings and calls can be burdensome. TenantWise allows you to visit sites at your convenience and even schedules and confirms appointments for you. Our convenient transaction management technology records your progress and a personalized page tells you where you are in the process and which steps you should take next.

Access to goods and service providers: In general, goods and service providers such as engineers, attorneys, architects, and movers are recommended by brokers who have a relationship with the provider. Short of calling every company in the yellow pages, there is little other way to source these providers. TenantWise has convenient listings of providers. Additionally, TenantWise has an easy RFP process which allows the tenants to request goods and services which will be bid on by pre-screened providers.

Pricing Transparency: As the market exists today, it is very difficult to know if you are getting the best deal or at least a market deal. You may be concerned that if you do not use a traditional broker, you will not know about current taking terms. TenantWise will provide you with this information. TenantWise also provides current market information and recent transactions on-line so you can make an informed offers on space. Additionally, this information may help prove to your stakeholders or company leaders/investors/ board members that they are getting the best deal.

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Can I Use A Broker If I Still Need Their Guidance?

One of the best parts about the TenantWise process is the ability to continue to use an additional broker (if needed) and for that broker to earn commission dollars. TenantWise, through its on-line brokerage agreement, allows the tenant to allocate a portion of the commission to a licensed broker who assists them in the process. Additionally, TenantWise will pay fees to brokers who refer clients to our site. Regardless of whether the tenant uses another broker or not, TenantWise has live assistance from licensed brokers through our on-line interface, available from every page on the site.

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Why Did The Founders Believe This Process Could Be Completed Online?

The founders of TenantWise have assisted clients in negotiating for and occupying over 30 million square feet of space over the past 20 years. They found that they were providing clients with the same advice over and over again and that clients were asking the same questions during every transaction, regardless of size. As such, the founders developed materials, forms and checklists to help educate their clients and help them through the process. That content, which has helped numerous companies in finding and occupying space, has been transferred to TenantWise to empower tenants to control the process themselves.

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What Information Is Required of My Company To Complete The TenantWise Process?

TenantWise provides relevant advice and information for free. As the tenant goes further in the process however, TenantWise does require some basic company information to move forward. You are only obligated to use TenantWise for the sites you see through us - but remember - only at TenantWise will you receive thorough and knowledgeable service and advice.

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How Tricky Is Negotiating A New York City Lease?

Brokers say they save clients money through negotiating certain key points. Those negotiable points and tips are on TenantWise. The best protection, however, is the attorney in lease negotiations - not just a broker. TenantWise can help you locate an attorney who best suits your needs.

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