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Landlord FAQs

Why should I post on TenantWise?

How do I post or delete listings?

Do I have to make TenantWise my exclusive listing agent?

How does the commission agreement work?

Why Should I List On TenantWise?

There is no reason for a landlord NOT to list on TenantWise!

  • Free to List. It is free and easy to list on TenantWise. Most other on-line listing services charge a fee for listing.

  • Decreased marketing costs. TenantWise clients search on a very targeted set of parameters at a time when they are ready to make a move. If as a result of a TenantWise search your space appears, it is a good indicator that the space will be a good match for the Tenant. This will shorten the vacancy time and eliminate showings to un-matched tenants.

  • Deal with an educated Tenant. An educated consumer is your best customer. With a smarter tenant the lease negotiations will go faster and smoother.

How Do I Post or Delete Listings?
Currently, TenantWise research analysts call landlords or their agents to get listings and follow up regularly to check on availabilities. Landlords can call TenantWise, fax or e-mail listings to make the process smoother and easier.

Following is the information to submit listings:
375 Park Avenue, Suite 3108
New York, NY 10152
Attn: Listings Manager

Phone: (212) 943-0077
Fax: (212) 943-2735


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Do I Have To Make TenantWise My Exclusive Listing Agent?
No. TenantWise is a FREE and more efficient way for landlords to market sites. TenantWise in no way limits other marketing activities and just asks to be recognized as the procuring broker if it produces a tenant that closes a deal.

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Will I Alienate Brokers By Listing on TenantWise?
No. Brokers have a place on TenantWise. The tenant has the option of allocating some of the commission to a licensed broker who assists in the process. Additionally, TenantWise pays fees to licensed brokers who refer clients to the site. TenantWise provides brokers with the opportunity to earn commission dollars where they otherwise may not and gives brokers the ability to pass on high-maintenance transactions, while still earning commission dollars. Additionally, the TenantWise content provides assistance in educating buyers on the real estate process, making the broker's job easier and quicker.

In general, brokers work in teams and have to split commissions with the house and the remainder among any number of brokers. It may actually be possible for an individual broker to make more money by referring clients to TenantWise.

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How Does the Commission Agreement Work?
It is against the law to split commissions with persons who are not licensed brokers.

TenantWise will co-broke with another licensed broker giving them a percentage of a commission. Under no circumstances will we split commissions in violation of the Real Property Law of the State of New York.

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