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Broker FAQs

What does this mean to me?

How can I get paid through TenantWise?

Can I use TenantWise?

What Does This Mean to Me?
TenantWise is pioneering a new process. We are the pre-eminent online broker of the commercial real estate industry. As such, we believe the internet allows us to present information clearly and in detail to allow greater transaction transparency and greater transaction speed.

How Can I Get Paid Through TenantWise?
There are two ways for the broker to get paid from TenantWise.

The first is through referral fees. If you refer a tenant to TenantWise you will be paid a referral fee of 10% of the gross commission for the space they ultimately select and for which a transaction closes.

The second way for the broker to be paid is through the tenant allocating a portion, or all, of the commission savings to a broker. The tenant may decide that it needs some coaching and advice through the process but not the full time attention and service of the broker. As such, the tenant may allocate, through an on-line agreement, a percentage of its commission savings to a particular broker. The broker can earn a percentage of the commission  depending on the agreement the broker comes to with the tenant and TenantWise. 

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Can I Use TenantWise?
There is plenty of useful content available to tenants and brokers alike. There is, however, some "premium" content accessible only to the tenant once they have begun the offer process through our site. We believe that brokers and their clients will find most useful the brokerage information, goods and service provider lists, as well as the RFP process, which is available to all. You are welcome to use the site, free of charge. Just log in.

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