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  Date Title Publication
  Dec 19 2002 Fitting in Office Space Newsday
  Nov 25 2002 New York Homeowners Anxious as Market Dips Boston Globe
  Oct 21 2002 Two Banks Key to City New York Daily News
  Oct 18 2002 Potential Seen for N.Y. Real Estate Associated Press
  Oct 11 2002 Waterfront Office Vacancies at 7-year High The Jersey Journal
  Sep 30 2002 Staying Alive Fortune Magazine
  Sep 11 2002 Wall Street Could Lose Its Place on The Map The Washington Post
  Sep 10 2002 Brookfield Seeks to Keep Tenants Downtown The Globe and Mail
  Sep 10 2002 Tower at Financial Center Changes Hands for a Song New York Times
  Sep 10 2002 Bet on it: The Big Apple Will Shine Again The Globe and Mail
  Sep 09 2002 Legal Aid Carrying on Without the Mod Cons Crain's New York Business
  Sep 09 2002 Wall Street Shocked Into Exodus TheStreet.com
  Sep 03 2002 TenantWise CEO: 'We Are Doing the Right Thing' Newsweek
  Sep 02 2002 Sept. 11's Shadow Darkening Outlook Crain's Crain's New York Business
  Aug 19 2002 Downtown Thinks Small Crain's Crain's New York Business
  Aug 19 2002 Lower Manhattan Post-September 11 Monster.com
  Aug 06 2002 Cheap Money Keeping Housing Market on Fire New York Post
  Jul 30 2002 Bear Stearns May Leave Brooklyn Bloomberg News
  Jul 24 2002 Downtown, An Exodus That Cash Can't Stop New York Times
  Jul 08 2002 Downtown Exodus New York Post
  Jun 19 2002 Big Auditor's Return to Downtown Seems Dead New York Times
  Jun 17 2002 Downtown Still Miles Away from Recovery Crain's New York Business
  Jun 07 2002 2 Medical Groups Moving Offices Downtown New York Times
  Jun 05 2002 Brooklyn Beckons Bank of N.Y. Jobs New York Daily News
  Jun 01 2002 Cleanup of ground zero is complete but questions remain about nearby buildings Associated Press
  May 13 2002 Economic Impact of Terrorist Attack on New York City The Century Foundation
  Apr 27 2002 Federal Funds Will Keep 14 Companies Downtown New York Times
  Apr 22 2002 The Journal Tries to Leave Wall Street The New York Observer
  Apr 22 2002 Manhattan Diaspora Post-9/11 Likely to Ebb Crain's New York Business
  Apr 22 2002 WTC Tenant List from TenantWise.com Crain's New York Business
  Mar 29 2002 Merrill Lynch Shows How to Heal the Hole in New York's Financial Heart The Guardian
  Mar 28 2002 Merrill Returns to Ground Zero Offices The Globe and Mail
  Mar 26 2002 Real Estate Market Appears to be Picking Up Downtown Express
  Mar 22 2002 Leaving Downtown Crain's New York Business
  Mar 22 2002 World Trade Center Tenants Disperse Buildings.com
  Mar 22 2002 Downtown Will Be Up Again, Just You Watch New York Post
  Mar 17 2002 The Capital of Capital Newsday
  Mar 13 2002 Despite Losing 175 in Sept. 11 Attack, Aon Considers Returning to the Area The Wall Street Journal
  Mar 11 2002 Return to Downtown Newsday
  Mar 11 2002 Manhattan's Brave New Real Estate World Forbes
  Mar 08 2002 Wall Street Firms Rebuild Amid Reminders of Tragedy The Wall Street Journal
  Mar 04 2002 Consultants Push Wall St. to Leave Crain's New York Business
  Mar 04 2002 Downtown is Ruled by Tourists While Offices Stay Empty Crain's New York Business
Video Here Mar 01 2002 TenantWise.com on Fuji Television Network News Fuji Television Network News
  Mar 01 2002 New Jersey Attracts Tenants Leaving New York After September 11 Bloomberg News
  Mar 01 2002 Amex Coming Back to Lower Manhattan New York Times
  Feb 25 2002 Companies Find the Moving Is Easy in N.J. New York Daily News
  Feb 15 2002 Five Months After the Sept. 11 Attacks, Business Flight Continues in Lower Manhattan The Post/Ohio University
  Feb 14 2002 Manhattan Business Exodus Continues Associated Press
  Feb 08 2002 Trump Sues for 1B Over GM Bldg. Buy New York Daily News
  Jan 30 2002 Incentives May Not Keep Tenants Downtown RealEstateJournal
  Jan 29 2002 Morgan Stanley's New Backup Site To Shift Jobs Out of New York City The Wall Street Journal
  Jan 29 2002 Seeking Safety, Manhattan Firms are Scattering New York Times
  Jan 29 2002 Goldman Sachs Moving Some Operations to New Complex The Record
  Jan 28 2002 Financial Impact of World Trade Center Attack New York State Senate Finance Committee
  Jan 14 2002 Disappearing Downtown? Crain's New York Business
  Jan 14 2002 WTC Area Tenants Find Silver Lining in Net Crash Crain's New York Business
  Jan 07 2002 Pitched Battle at Ground Zero The New York Observer
  Jan 02 2002 Signs of Hard Times Lie Ahead For Real-Estate Market In 2002 The Wall Street Journal
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